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Why U.S. Education Must Become Adaptable To Change

In the future there will be significant volatility as many old large corporations are destroyed and new smaller corporations are created (i.e. Creative Destruction). Success will not be achieved by the strongest corporations nor by the ones with the most intelligent workers. Success will only be achieved by those corporations most adaptable to change. That new reality will undeniably affirm that a corporate system and an ecological system are both governed by the same Charles Darwin principle: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one most adaptable to change”.

Another system governed by Darwin’s principle is the system of U.S. Education. But this system has great difficulty adapting to change and still focuses on an obsolete core function of grading students on how well they memorize information. So when the inescapable massive labor market disruption starts, students and their parents will be hit by the painful reality that the current education system is no longer relevant within society. Students will then start to frantically look for alternative learning systems and leave U.S. Education. This will in turn destroy most of the Universities as well because high school students will no longer be there to feed into them, and four-year degrees will become immaterial.

Furthermore, corporations will start needing more workers that have the skill of creativity, they will recognize that a growing and sustainable U.S. economy is completely hinged to the success of developing young minds to think creatively as they are forming so those young minds can be adaptable to change. Only then will the combined focus of government and corporate attention, in their-own self-interest, turn to U.S. Education. Tremendous resources will be invested into experiments to develop a new education system. Yet educators will not be able to explain, as a process, how to establish and then continually innovate such a new system. Furthermore, any proposed curriculum will need to be sustainable, scalable and innovate ahead of the needs of an evolving society around it. Yes, U.S. Education should be years ahead and not years behind society. Consequently, many decades and generations of students will be lost until a final new system emerges that can scale throughout all of U.S. Education. That final new education system is LED Accelerator.


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