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LED Accelerator Will Empower American Exceptionalism

Ever since a 19th century writer described America as "exceptional", scholars and politicians have constantly referred to 'American Exceptionalism' in one form or another. All understand intuitively the powerful confluence of American events and resources that have resulted in such a historic impact. While America has been given a good foundation, in order for American Exceptionalism to become sustainable, a bold strategy must be designed and executed successfully. The following three-step process develops a bold strategy: 1. Define the main challenge. 2. Understand the critical factor within that challenge. 3. Apply organizational strength into the 'most promising opportunity' within the critical factor. This bold strategy is applicable to a structured organization of any size. Here is a bold strategy for the structured organization called America: First Step: The main challenge for the America is to innovate through the growth of the economy. In turn, the growth of the economy dictates how quickly social and financial systems inside can advance. Second Step: The critical factor for the growth of the American economy is to have communities continually innovate. In turn, the level of a community's innovation dictates how quickly the business industry ecosystem outside can advance. Third Step: The organizational strength of America is its ability to empower and benefit from billions of decentralized and diverse choices being made within communities. Within any one community, a school of U.S. Education (another structured organization) that can foster innovation is the 'most promising opportunity' to which the organizational strength of America should be applied. But this has not happened because American leadership does not understand this bold strategy. Consequently, U.S. Education was not set up to foster innovation but is instead focused on competing with centralized education systems of other countries. But centralized education systems will always be more effective at developing homogenous students that can memorize and regurgitate current information - which is the opposite of innovation. So the counter productive focus of U.S. Education actually has the result of flipping the organizational strength of America into a weakness. LED Accelerator changes this backward dynamic for U.S. Education and leverages the organizational strength of America. LED Accelerator is therefore not just another education program. LED Accelerator is the missing piece that completes the bold strategy to empower American Exceptionalism to lead the world.


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